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In today's world, distinctions have shrunk to a level that one can not fathom. Distance as an entity has ceased to exist with many modes of transport from land to air. People are traveling across time zones regularly in their quest to achieve their result. In these times vehicles have become an inseparable part of our lives such that it's become more of a necessity than luxury. One just can not imagine a world without cars and they come in various shapes and sizes suiting all your needs and pockets. One can see sedans or SUVs whatever the need be and creating a niche for itself is the luxury convertibles.

Everyone will agree that the cars are nothing but an extension of one's personality. If you are a suave business like personality, you would prefer a sedan while an outgoing person will identify himself with an SUV. However a luxury convertible is a vehicle that appeals to both the type of personalities. A luxury convertible is nothing but a convertible car that comes loaded with the top of the line luxury features which promises you to be in the lap of luxury while having your share of fun. Over the years this segment has thrown open quite a few players like Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini and Porsche to name a few.

There always has been a demand for luxury convertibles since its introduction in the market. Auto majors specializing in the luxury convertibles have always ensured that the demand is met and fed by emerging newer and better designs thereby keeping the excitation level alive in this segment. These convertibles are a tad bit expensive than the regular sedans and equally expensive to maintain as well. So there is no better way to show off than being behind a late luxury convertible which of course grabs enough eye balls thereby assuring that the money is well spent.

These are also quite popular among the younger generation as it is the easiest way to get noticed while also sending out a message of how cool and outgoing you are. However one can say that today's luxury convertibles are much beyond just being a status symbol or an eye candy. Many of these models are loaded with state of the art features combined with enhanced safety systems which ensures that when you are behind the wheel you are in safe hands. And for all those conscious of their baby being bruised or scratched out in the traffic, these even come loaded with parking and pre-collision sensors which ensures that not only your car is parked in any closed space but also is safe and in control in high speeds even if a situation arises of collision. Add to that the high end interiors and leather seats its rest assured that you are complete at home while zipping down the streets.

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