Seized Car Auctions – How to Buy a Slick Late Model Vehicle For Less Then $1000

Ever wondered where the best place would be to buy a car that you’re passionate about, while taking advantage of the great deals that result from a recession? Well if you were to ask anyone who has been to a government or police seized car auctions, then they’d express to you that these car auctions are the way to go! Now more then ever these auctions have more vehicles types, makes, brands, then ever because of the recession. The big difference now is that you will actually get the car of your dreams without having to pay a salesperson’s commission, markups or additional fees!

Here are a few tips and tricks to insure you receive the best possible deals at the government and police seized car auctions.

– Do you know what you want to bid on? The cars available for sale at these auctions are typically from owners that have not made their payments and because of the current recession car selection is at an all time high. These vehicles are usually in near new condition. The reason for this is simply because most vehicles are reposed early in the cars life when the payments are high while the owner  is upside down on the loan (owes more then the vehicle is worth).

– Make sure you actually look over any vehicle before you bid on it. When inspecting vehicles that you like make sure start their engine and check for rust in the hidden areas. If you’re not that familiar with cars don’t let that slow you down, you can simply proposition a friend who know cars or a actual mechanic to come and check the cars with you, paying them for their time. Regardless of where or how you buy a car from this should be done. To provide you with selections have the mechanic inspect 3 to 5 cars and rate which are in the best shape so you have some comparative ideas. Also , this way you can get the car you want, just in case the initial choice goes up beyond your budget.

– Set a limit on a maximum you are willing to pay on each car that you are interested in. Set reasonable prices and promise yourself not to go beyond that limit by getting carried away in the heat of the bidding battle.

– You might be wondering how and where to find such seized car auctions? These are quietly publicized events but for a small fee to a good government auctions site, you can become a member of a site that will update you each for every new auction occurring, as well as the seized cars that will be selling at each auction. The auctions happen at thousands of locations across Canada and the US so you will not have any trouble finding one in your area.

Knowing such information and having access to these government and police car auction sales will allow you to save thousands of dollars on your next car purchase. Imagine yourself in something like a 2 year old Mustang Convertible GT, with less than 22,000 miles on it for just under $1,100, then make it happen at a government or police auction…that’s what I did!

Source by Doug E Smith

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