2017 Mazda CX-9 Touring AWD Long-Term Update 1: Road Trip to Monterey

One week each summer, the sleepy, affluent California communities of Monterey and Carmel-by-the-Sea get inundated with the smells and sounds of vintage cars in what is one of the most spectacular automotive events in the world. Every hotel in town is booked solid with 1 percenters, and the streets are flooded with million-dollar hypercars and vintage rarities. And of course the mighty CX-9.

Over the years I have done the drive to and from Monterey along Highway 101 countless times, and it remains one of my favorite short road trips. This would be my longest journey behind the wheel of the CX-9 to date, and it would be the perfect opportunity to test the CX-9’s comfort and efficiency during a long drive.

First off, the CX-9 is incredibly comfortable both in ride quality and seat comfort. With multiple stops at my favorite coffee shops and eateries, I spent nearly 7 hours behind the wheel during the 353-mile journey north. During that time, never once did I feel fatigued. I’ve made the trip in an array of vehicles throughout the years, and that is not always the case. Part of the overall comfort is how quiet the car is, which goes a long way during a full day of driving. Comparing the ride quality, comfort, and sound level of the CX-9 to my previous two long-term vehicles, it drives much more like the Range Rover Sport than it does the more trucklike Dodge Durango

As far as the efficiency goes, I averaged 19.2 mpg, which is well below the 28.3 mpg number attained by the trusty folks at Real MPG. There are obviously many factors that could have affected the overall efficiency, but during my trip the highest per-tank number I managed was 21.2 mpg—and that was on the most highway-intensive day. In general, you get about 350 miles a tank, which isn’t bad for a long road trip. With numerous long trips ahead of me, I will continue to monitor my fuel economy and enjoy all the comforts the CX-9 has to offer.

This really is a million dollar view! Maybe more!

Read more about our 2017 Mazda CX-9 Touring AWD:

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Your Google Home speaker is now also an intercom

 One of the niftiest features of Google Home is now available for owners of the smart speaker after support for ‘Broadcast’ rolled out. The new addition allows you to push messages or reminders across a network of Home devices to mimic an in-home intercom system. So rather than calling up to kids that dinner is about to be served, or getting them to wake up for school, Google Home… Read More

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In major policy change YouTube is now taking down more videos of known extremists

Google has confirmed a major policy shift in how it approaches extremist content on YouTube. A spokeswoman told us it has broadened its policy for taking down extremist content: Not just removing videos that directly preach hate or seek to incite violence but also removing other videos of named terrorists, unless the content is journalistic or educational in nature — such as news reports and documentaries.

The change was reported earlier by Reuters, following a report by the New York Times on Monday saying YouTube had drastically reduced content showing sermons by jihadist cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki — eliminating videos where the radical cleric is not directly preaching hate but talking on various, ostensibly non-violent topics.

al-Awlaki was killed in a US drone strike six years ago but has said to have remained the leading English-language jihadist recruiter because of there being such an extensive and easily accessible digital legacy of his sermons.

In a phone call with TechCrunch a YouTube spokeswoman confirmed that around 50,000 videos of al-Awlaki’s lectures have been removed at this point.

There is still al-Awlaki content on YouTube — and the spokeswoman stressed there will never be zero videos returned for a search for his name. But said the aim is to remove content created by known extremists and disincentivize others from reuploading the same videos.

Enacting the policy will be an ongoing process, she added.

She said the policy change has come about as a result of YouTube working much more closely with a network of NGO experts working in this space and also participating in its community content policing trusted flaggers program — who have advised it that even sermons that do not ostensibly preach hate can be part of a wider narrative used by jihadi extremists to radicalize and recruit.

This year YouTube and other user generated content platforms have also come under increasing political pressure to take a tougher stance on extremist content. While YouTube has also faced an advertiser backlash when ads were found being displayed alongside extremist content.

In June the company announced a series of measures aimed at expanding its efforts to combat jihadi propaganda — including expanding its use of AI tech to automatically identify terrorist content; adding 50 “expert NGOs” to its trusted flagger program; and growing counter-radicalization efforts — such as returning content which deconstructs and debunks jihadist views when a user searches for certain extremist trigger words.

However, at that time, YouTube rowed back from taking down non-violent extremist content. Instead it said it would display interstitial warnings on videos that contain “inflammatory religious or supremacist content”, and also remove the ability of uploaders to monetize this type of content.

“We think this strikes the right balance between free expression and access to information without promoting extremely offensive viewpoints,” said Google SVP and general counsel, Kent Walker, at the time.

Evidently it’s now decided it was not, in fact, striking the right balance by continuing to host and provide access to sermons made by extremists. And has now redrawn its policy line to shrink access to anything made by known terrorists.

According to YouTube’s spokeswoman, it’s working off of government lists of named terrorists and foreign terrorist organizations to identify individuals for whom the wider takedown policy will apply.

She confirmed that all content currently removed under the new wider policy pertains to al-Awlaki. But the idea is for this to expand to takedowns of other non-violent videos from other listed extremists.

It’s not clear whether these lists are public at this point. The spokeswoman indicated it’s YouTube’s expectation they will be public, and said the company will communicate with government departments on that transparency point.

She said YouTube is relying on its existing moderating teams to enact the expanded policy, using a mix of machine learning technology to help identify content and human review to understand the context.

She added that YouTube has been thinking about adapting its policies for extremist content for more than a year — despite avoiding taking this step in June.

She also sought to play down the policy shift as being a response to pressure from governments to crack down on online extremism — saying rather it’s come about as a result of YouTube engaging with and listening to experts.

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Steyn set to return after year-long absence

Dale Steyn is expected to make a comeback to competitive cricket, after a year on the sidelines, in the Ram Slam on Wednesday. Steyn has been named in the Titans’ 13-man squad set to play the Knights in Kimberley, for their second match of the competition.

The Titans beat the Lions in their opening game on Sunday, where Steyn carried drinks and reunited with his team-mates after seven years at the Cape Town-based Cobras. Steyn, whose career began up-country with the Titans, opted to return to the franchise while still recovering from the broken bone in his shoulder that has seen him spend the last 12 months out of action.

In that time, Steyn has had a pin inserted into his right shoulder and overcome torn bicep and pectoral muscles. When speaking to ESPNcricinfo last month, Steyn explained how he was slowly building up his bowling loads so that he could be at 100% by the time he returns. That time, it seems, is now.

To make space for Steyn in their XI, the Titans will likely have to leave out David Wiese from the side that beat the Lions. That means the Titans could boast at least six current internationals with Quinton de Kock, AB de Villiers, Farhaan Behardien, Aiden Markram, Tabraiz Shamsi and Lungi Ngidi all in the mix and Dean Elgar waiting in the wings. Morne Morkel and Chris Morris, who are recovering from a side strain and a back injury respectively, are not part of the Titans’ squad for now but are both expected to make comebacks at some stage of the Ram Slam.

If all goes well with Steyn’s participation in the Ram Slam, he is expected to make a return to the national side in whites, where he needs just five wickets to overtake Shaun Pollock as South Africa’s highest Test wicket-taker. South Africa play Zimbabwe in the inaugural day-night Test over Boxing Day and then host India for three Tests. New coach Ottis Gibson has already indicated Steyn will walk back into the XI provided the man himself is confident he can get through a full Test.

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Weinstein Company Selling Paddington 2 Before Bankruptcy

The Weinstein Company is trying to sell Paddington 2 before the company files for bankruptcy. It’s been nothing but bad news for the Weinstein Company in the wake of the turmoil caused by financial troubles and the ouster of co-founder and chairman Harvey Weinstein after the sexual assault allegations pinned on him. While the fallout continues to be mostly landing squarely on Weinstein himself, there’s no denying that his problems are TWC’s problems; he essentially is the company and his removal will have a big impact on its future.

Yet, The Weinstein Company was floundering long before Weinstein’s egregious abuse of power came to light. It was once the darling of the indie scene, a mini-major studio that made indie movies cool and that seemed to haul in awards hand over fist. But increased competition from the indie movie divisions of major studios, smaller distributors like A24, and a studio landscape that has largely shifted to tentpoles has found TWC’s fortune dwindling over the years. In July of last year the rumblings of financial trouble got so bad that the studio had to refute claims it was in dire straits, financially. With the rumors of long-running financial problems and multiple partners jumping ship with a Weinstein brand that has been destroyed, it’s left many to wonder what will happen to the Weinstein Company’s slate of unreleased movies. Now it seems we have an idea of what the plan is for at least one of those movies currently under TWC’s domain.

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Variety is reporting that the studio is shopping around Paddington 2 for potential buyers in the hopes of getting it offloaded prior to filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which is speculated to be happening as early as this week. TWC has the domestic distribution rights for the sequel, which was released in the UK this past weekend and generated a whopping $10.8 million. The hope is that that massive opening will entice potential studio buyers who could be interested in picking up the distribution for a movie that has already proven to be a success with a particular overseas audience.

WeinsteinLogo Weinstein Company Trying to Sell Paddington 2 Before Bankruptcy

According to the report, Sony is the likeliest candidate to land the rights, but nothing is set in stone. Sony has been beset by its own financial issues in the last few years and it’s reportedly hesitant about the tangled legal rights that surround the picture. It’s been further exacerbated by the fact that both Heyday Films and StudioCanal, the film’s backers, have publicly stated they want to sever distribution ties for the film with The Weinstein Company as they no longer want the family friendly Paddington brand associated with Weinstein. While they have to honor the contract for the moment, the backers can regain the distribution rights should TWC go belly-up, and you’d have to think they’d prefer to make a distribution deal themselves rather than having the money and final decision go to The Weinstein Company.

Paddington 2 distribution issues aside, it’s looking bleak for Harvey and Bob Weinstein’s company as it continues its long fall from grace. The board of directors have reportedly been in talks with two different investment groups regarding a possible bridge loan of $20-35 million to help fulfill its payroll obligations, but inside sources say that loan is not likely to go through. The issue is that that bridge loan would rely on using TWC’s library of movies for collateral, but that library is already mortgaged to a heavy degree and it would be a legal quagmire should the Weinstein Co. have to file for bankruptcy. With a rumored $500 million in debt and obligations and Weinstein shopping Paddington 2, once seen as the savior of the studio’s fortunes, it’s looking increasingly likely that news of a Chapter 11 filing will break in the near future.

Source: Variety

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How to write in a Foreign Language?

How to write in a foreign language? If you are asking yourself this question, read on, because you are in the right place. In this article I'm going to help you learn to write in a foreign language! Here are three tips on how to write in a foreign language.

1. Start a journal

One of the best ways to learn to write in a foreign language is to start a journal on Lang-8.com. Write short journal entries in your target language and native speakers will proofread them for free even within a few hours (if you are learning a popular language). Do not forget to learn from your mistakes – ask native speakers for help if you do not know how to write something. Learning from your mistakes is extremely important.

2. Write to a pen pal

Get yourself a pen pal who speaks your target language – sign up on sites for people who are looking for a pen pal or a language partner (type "language exchange" in Google) and exchange e-mails. Write to your pen pal regularly, ask him to correct your messages and help him learn your native language (if he wants to do it).

3. Participate in online communities

Sign up on message boards, social networking sites or chats in your target language and start interacting with other users. The more you write, the better your writing skills are. Do not be afraid of making mistakes – they are just an opportunity to learn!

That's it – three tips on how to write in a foreign language. Improving your writing skills takes time, so do not waste it while watching TV or using Facebook and start writing in your target language! Good luck and have fun while writing!

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Miami Dolphins vs. Carolina Panthers RECAP, score, stats (11/13/17) | NFL Week 10

The Miami Dolphins (4-4), led by quarterback Jay Cutler, meet the Carolina Panthers (6-3), led by quarterback Cam Newton, in an NFL Week 10 game on Monday, November 13, 2017 (11/13/17) at Bank of American Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We’ll have up-to-the-minute scoring and stats here throughout the game. Check the scoreboard above and click on the stats link.

App users: For the best mobile experience, use the mobile web version.

Here is the AP recap of the game:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Cam Newton was tired of the Carolina Panthers’ defense getting all of the glory.

Newton took it as a challenge when the defense vaulted to the league’s No. 1 ranking last week, saying it was time for the offense to strive to match them.

Newton did his part on Monday night, throwing for 254 yards and four touchdowns and running for 95 more as the Panthers piled up a franchise-record 548 yards in a 45-21 rout of the Miami Dolphins.

“It’s nice to see them have this type of breakout game,” Panthers coach Ron Rivera said of the offense, which had 30 first downs and converted 11 of 14 third downs.

Said Newton: “I still feel like we are scratching the surface of our potential in this offense. We have to trust in our ability to execute our coach’s plan.”

Newton improved to 5-1 in Monday night games, while averaging 270.5 yards per game with 15 touchdowns and four interceptions.

“There is something about this stage with him,” Rivera said. “He played a tremendous game.”

Jonathan Stewart ran for a season-high 110 yards, and Newton had a 69-yard jaunt on a read option as the Panthers racked up 294 yards on the ground. It was Stewart’s first 100-yard game since last December at Washington.

Rookie Christian McCaffrey scored touchdowns rushing and receiving, and Devin Funchess caught five passes for 92 yards and two touchdowns as the Panthers (7-3) remained a half-game behind the NFC South-leading Saints heading into their bye week.

Newton had his share of fun on the field.

After being tackled on his 69-yard run, an exhausted Newton laid on the ground smiling and shaking his body as if trying to get feeling back into his legs.

Teammates joked with Newton that backup quarterback Derek Anderson could have scored on the play.

“When you ain’t got no gas left and your check engine light is on and blinking, get gas at the next stop or so, man, you just have to try to celebrate when you can celebrate, brother,” Newton said. “I was just hoping coach didn’t come back with another run play for me.”

He tiredly handed off on the next two plays.

“Everything was fun out there,” said Funchess, who became the team’s No. 1 receiver when Kelvin Benjamin was traded to Buffalo two weeks ago.

Jay Cutler had 213 yards passing with two touchdowns and one interception for the Dolphins (4-5), who have lost three straight. Jarvis Landry and Julian Thomas both caught TD passes for Miami.

The game turned with 41 seconds left in the first half, when Luke Kuechly made a leaping interception along the sideline with Carolina leading 10-7.

Four plays later, Newton connected with tight end Ed Dickson on a 7-yard touchdown pass. That opened the floodgates as the Panthers scored touchdowns on five straight possessions in their most explosive output of the season.

“In an eight-minute span, the game got away from us,” Dolphins coach Adam Gase said. “It snowballed. We couldn’t prevent the big runs once they got going.”

The Panthers had entered the game 21st in the league in total offense and 24th in scoring.

“We get to watch them — that’s the fun part,” Kuechly said of the offense.

It was a big game for Stewart, who fumbled twice in last week’s 20-17 win over the Atlanta Falcons.

“He might have been playing with a chip on his shoulder, but we just wanted to get him to that second level,” Panthers offensive tackle Matt Kalil said.

The Dolphins have put themselves in a difficult situation in a tight AFC playoff race.

“There are pieces in the locker room. I truly believe that,” Cutler said.


The Panthers gave McCaffrey the start at running back over Stewart, who fumbled twice last week against the Falcons. McCaffrey didn’t let them down, combining for 50 yards and two scores, including a nifty 4-yard touchdown run where he faked out two Miami defenders.


Dolphins safety T.J. McDonald returned to the starting lineup after serving an eight-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy, but it didn’t help the struggling Dolphins defense.


Kenyan Drake provided the big play for the Dolphins, breaking free for a 66-yard touchdown run in the third quarter.


Newton passed Dan Marino for the third-most total yards (passing and rushing) in a quarterback’s first seven seasons. Newton trails only Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan in that category.


Dolphins: Reported no injuries.

Panthers: Rookie wide receiver Curtis Samuel left the game in the third quarter with an ankle injury after dropping a would-be touchdown pass in the end zone. … Center Tyler Larsen suffered a foot injury but returned to the game.


Dolphins: Host the Buccaneers on Sunday in a game that was rescheduled from Week 1 because of Hurricane Irma.

Panthers: Visit the Jets on Nov. 26 after a bye.

Here’s what you need to know:

Who: Dolphins vs. Panthers

Where: Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, N.C.

When: Monday, Nov. 13, 2017

Time: 8:30 p.m. Eastern


Livestream: WatchESPN

Line: Panthers -9

Dolphins notes: QB JAY CUTLER completed 34 of 42 (81 pct.) for 311 yards with 3 TDs vs. 0 INTs for 121.3 rating in Week 9. His 81 comp. pct. was highest of career (min. 10 att.). Aims for 3rd in row with 110+ rating. Completed 28 of 36 (77.8 pct.) for 289 yards with 2 TDs for 95.5 rating in last meeting. Ranks 4th in AFC with 66.2 comp. pct. (147 of 222). * RB DAMIEN WILLIAMS had TD catch last week. RB KENYAN DRAKE had 104 scrimmage yards (69 rush, 35 rec.) in Week 9. * WR JARVIS LANDRY had TD catch last week. Since entering league in 2014, has 344 catches & passed ANQUAN BOLDIN (342) for most catches by player in 1st 4 seasons in NFL history. Has 4 TD catches in past 5. Ranks 2nd in NFL with 56 catches in 2017. WR DE VANTE PARKER has 75+ rec. yards & TD catch in 2 of past 3 on road. TE JULIUS THOMAS had 84 rec. yards & TD in Week 9. Since 2013, has 34 TD catches, 3rd most among NFL TEs. * S RESHAD JONES had INT last week. Has INT in 2 of past 3 on road vs. NFC. Is only NFL safety with 50+ tackles (55) & 2+ INTs (2) in 2017. DE CAMERON WAKE aims for 6th in row with sack vs. NFC. DT NDAMUKONG SUH had sack last week. Has 3.5 sacks in past 5. Has 3 TFL in past 2 meetings. Since entering league in 2010, is 1 of 2 NFL DTs (GENO ATKINS) with 50+ sacks (50.5). LB KIKO ALONSO had FF in Week 9. In only career meeting (9/5/13 with Buf.), had 10 tackles, sack & INT.

Mock draft: Who goes in 1st?

Panthers notes: QB CAM NEWTON had 2 TDs (1 pass, 1 rush) & 51 rush yards in last meeting. Has 1,369 pass yards (273.8 per game), 11 TDs & 4 INTs for 97 rating & 2 rush TDs in 5 career Monday games. Has 251 rush yards (62.8 per game) & 2 rush TDs in past 4. * RB JONATHAN STEWART has 3 TDs in past 4 vs. AFC. Rookie RB CHRISTIAN MC CAFFREY had 94 scrimmage yards (66 rush, 28 rec.) & 1st career rush TD last week. Aims for 6th in row with 5+ receptions. Leads NFL RBs & all rookies with 54 receptions. * WR DEVIN FUNCHESS led team with 86 rec. yards in Week 9. Has 3 TDs in past 4 vs. AFC. Leads team with 443 rec. yards & 3 TDs. TE ED DICKSON is averaging 15.9 yards per catch, 2nd most among NFL TEs with 20+ catches. * DE JULIUS PEPPERS has 10 tackles, 3 sacks & FR in his past 2 games vs. Mia. Aims for 3rd in row vs. AFC with 2+ sacks. Has 3 sacks & FF in past 4 at home. LB LUKE KUECHLY led team with 11 tackles last week. Has 59 tackles (9.8 per game), 3 FFs & INT in past 6 vs. AFC. Since 2013, is only NFL player with 500+ tackles (594) & 10+ INTs (12). LB THOMAS DAVIS had sack in last meeting. DE MARIO ADDISON aims for 4th in row with sack. Has 3 sacks in past 4 vs. AFC. S KURT COLEMAN aims for 3rd in row with 9+ tackles. Has 4 INTs in past 6 at home vs. AFC. Since 2015, ties for 2nd among NFL safeties with 11 INTs. — NFL Communications

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

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Teacher – Accounting (O & A level)

Dhaka, Bangladesh


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